Taking My Talents To The Web

I have worked in print design for more than 15 years and it has served me well. I have been able to create some beautiful designs on posters, brochures and in advertisements. However, I am at a point in my life where I feel it is time for a change.

I have decided to give web design Manchester a chance. I know several print designers that have made the transition and they rave about the increased creativity and new challenges. There certainly are many limitations in print design that simply don’t exist on the web, which makes the change all the more enticing.

Some of my friends and family have questioned this decision, as I am not exactly young. However, I am committed to being a lifetime learner, and will take this opportunity to launch a second career that will be as successful as the first.

It Is Not Selfish To Say No Sometimes

I have always been the type of person to put the needs of other people before my own needs. Every time someone would ask me to do something for them, I would jump up and do it without any hesitation. However, that ended recently. A friend asked me to go to the store and purchase some silica sand, groceries and cleaning supplies for her. As usual, I did it without hesitation.

While I was driving to the store, I realized I had spent the whole year doing things for other people and had taken very little time to myself. After I went to my friend’s house and gave her the things she asked for, I let her know that I needed I break. I still help people, but there are limits. If I do not feel up to doing something, then I will say no without feeling guilty about it.

Pesky Weeds

My house sits on lakefront property, and it is imperative for me to keep my yard looking nice. It’s a busy lake, and neighbors and visitors are always driving by on their boats. I spray the yard for weeds every year but this year the weeds kept coming up by my deck and dock area. I’ve tried a couple of different products, and they did not seem to work.

I decided that I was going to lay pea gravel down, and it’s the best thing that I could have ever done. Before I laid the gravel, I made sure that I had plenty of ground cover to prevent the weeds from coming back. Now that part of my yard is maintenance free, not to mention that I have received many compliments how great it looks. Next summer, I think I am going to add some up in front of my house under the tree.

I see your lips moving …

You are at your 40th high school reunion and are able to see your old classmates talking about the fun times of those years gone by. Occasional laughter and smiles are evidence that they are communicating with those around them, but you hear garbled voices. Back then the hearing and eyesight were as keen as a hawk, although that may be somewhat of an exaggeration, but things don’t work as well after these many years. Have you ever considered a hearing aid? You may have had glasses for a long time to enhance the sense of sight; now it is time to clarify your hearing. Today’s modern hearing aids can be cosmetically appealing and will restore the clarity of voices, concerts, and other important events. With the aid of modern technological advances, some youthful characteristics can be restored to their prior strength and capabilities.

Personalized Baby Shower Gift

Finding the perfect baby shower gift can be frustrating at times. That’s why I decided to make a personalized gift for my friend instead. I also wanted to give Kathy something special to use after her baby is born, as a sort of pampering gift for her rather than something for the baby.

I chose to make a personalized wine glass by using glass transfers and a beautiful bottle green wine glass I found at a yard sale.

I found some transfers of vintage images featuring mothers holding babies, bluebirds and daisies which I used to decorate the glass. I also used a glass paint pen to write the mother’s name around the top of the glass in calligraphy.

It turned out beautifully, and she was very pleased with her personalized gift, which she assured me she will be happily using as soon as she can drink wine again.

Selling Off The Memories

We’re having a garage sale this week, and I’m sure you know what that’s like. It’s time to put a discount dollar figure on priceless items from our families history. I’m not a big “things” person and prefer less clutter, so I actually don’t mind seeing all this stuff being out of the way. There was an odd moment when we were going through everything, as my wife found some old NCR pads from her last job and was a little too attached to them. That’s if you ask me of course. I’m not that big a fan of work, so I can’t imagine having an emotional connection to some random item from a former workplace, let alone an item you’ve let sit in a garage for a few years. There she was doing just that though. I could tell it meant a lot to her, so I let it go.