Weekend Fun

Last weekend, Kevin and I attended the local comic con. We were honestly stunned by the number of big-name special guests this year. Usually our city only manages to get one or two recognizable faces. Kev got to meet one of his favorite artists, and I got an autograph from one of my favorite actors. The staff definitely did a great job, and I look forward to it growing even more and competing with some of the national-level events.

People went all out with their costumes as usual, and the promo girls looked fantastic. Almost every booth had somebody in professional-looking gear. We took a ton of cool pictures, so I’m planning on making a neat little album of our memories. I can’t wait to bring friends next time we go, and I’m even considering contacting the coordinators about setting up my own station. What a blast!

My lifejacket business is drowning!

“Open a new business,” they said, “you have the business sense!”

So, like a fool, I did. You would think that a life-jacket rental service on the beach would make a killing. It is a killing for certain. It is killing my life’s savings.

One more month like this and I will loose everything I have, had and will have. My grandchildren won’t be able to rent a movie because of my bad credit.

“Time to do what I always do when bad things happen, I shall surf the Internet!” Grumbling, I turn on the computer. My default homepage opens. Since it is my ISP company, there is an advertisement. Normally I ignore ads, but this one catches my eye.

“Is your business going under like a sandcastle during a hurricane? Contact us today for help!” I read out loud to no one. It is an ad for SEO Manchester consultancy help.

Curious, I click and read. Maybe, just maybe it will help me.

Did the shower curtains match the bathmat?

A few years ago my father was put in charge of designing the renovation for our two bathrooms Bolton. It was the first time he had ever really gotten much input in the design of the house, most of the furniture and decor having been chosen by my mother. He spent days looking at design catalogs and browsing internet sites. We saw him obsess over tiny details: Did the shower curtains match the bathmat? Did the soap dispenser match the art on the walls? By the time the project was nearing completion, the whole family was expecting great things. Finally, the day of the big reveal, my dad swung open the door, and we all saw his design for the first time. His bright orange design. Everything from the walls to the matching curtain and rug was the same shade of 1970′s style burnt orange.

Her name is alive!

My teenage daughter came to me the other day with a unique idea. Some of the ideas from a teenager’s mind are well… off the wall. This brilliant idea is literally off the wall! She suggested we make living walls spelling out her name and age. I was not at all hesitant, so we began research on the subject right away. This is a growing trend in contemporary homes and offices. They are easy to make and the results are endless. She wanted to spruce up her room decor and add some plants, but space is limited and we love creating ideas together. First we found the perfect spot, so we could measure the frame correctly. Then we went to Lowe’s and found a beautiful assortment of small plants. We then found an online site to help with specifics. She is proud to have her name displayed as living art.

Final Justice

Sara had dreamed of having her own business for years, so the day she finally got her wish she couldn’t stop smiling. Sara wasn’t afraid of hard work, and when the business was all hers, it didn’t feel like work anyways. The store she opened sold new age supplies for those as spiritual as her. The customers that came in loved the feeling of tranquility that surrounded her, and all she sold. A few people didn’t like her though, and called her a witch. She was Wiccan, so she didn’t mind. When they found their insults didn’t upset her, they tried something else instead. Coming in to work one morning, she found her store windows had been broken, and everything was a mess. She panicked for a minute until she checked her CCTV Bolton system, and found it was recording all night. She had evidence of the people who had broken in, and now all she had to do was call the police.

Taking My Talents To The Web

I have worked in print design for more than 15 years and it has served me well. I have been able to create some beautiful designs on posters, brochures and in advertisements. However, I am at a point in my life where I feel it is time for a change.

I have decided to give web design Manchester a chance. I know several print designers that have made the transition and they rave about the increased creativity and new challenges. There certainly are many limitations in print design that simply don’t exist on the web, which makes the change all the more enticing.

Some of my friends and family have questioned this decision, as I am not exactly young. However, I am committed to being a lifetime learner, and will take this opportunity to launch a second career that will be as successful as the first.

It Is Not Selfish To Say No Sometimes

I have always been the type of person to put the needs of other people before my own needs. Every time someone would ask me to do something for them, I would jump up and do it without any hesitation. However, that ended recently. A friend asked me to go to the store and purchase some silica sand, groceries and cleaning supplies for her. As usual, I did it without hesitation.

While I was driving to the store, I realized I had spent the whole year doing things for other people and had taken very little time to myself. After I went to my friend’s house and gave her the things she asked for, I let her know that I needed I break. I still help people, but there are limits. If I do not feel up to doing something, then I will say no without feeling guilty about it.